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Why Does My Student Have To Have Waivers?

Unfortunately, in this day and age, Waivers are every institution's attempt to avoid liability for people who all-too-often try to seek a legal recourse for even the faintest of slights. Think of them as an education about the potential hazards of the After-Prom event. The Jefferson County School District will not allow the After-Prom Party to occur as a "School Event" without having the appropriate waiver completed, nor will the hosting facility, the Ridge Rec Center, allow entrance to any individual without their waiver being completed.

Will There Be Security?

Yes. Not only does the After-Prom Committee's budget include hiring the Deputy who is the SRO (School Resource Officer) at the High School, but we also have two Campus Supervisors who conduct a search of every student's bag entering the facility, as well as the Dakota Ridge Administrative Staff present for most of the evening. Additionally, while not guaranteed or recorded, since volunteers on the night of the event are typical community members and clearly have a vested interest in DRHS and the safety and success of its students, it is not uncommon or unreasonable to expect to have several parent and community volunteers present be active/retired first responders, active/retired law enforcement, active/retired military members, professionals from the healthcare field, and/or have other training that may prove useful or imperative in various emergency situations.

What "Dangers" Does My Student Face When Attending After-Prom?

While we'd like to be able to say, "None", really there are some potentials for injury.

The Pools will be open at the event for a limited time...there will be lifeguards on duty during the entirety of the time that they are open and all facility safety rules will be enforced.
The climbing wall will be available for the students to use...a paid facility climbing instructor, along with volunteers who've been certified by the facility, will be working with all of the safety equipment that the facility has, for each climber. The ratio of belayers to climbers will always be 1:1 at any given time and every reasonable precaution will be taken, regardless of each individual's climbing experience/ability.

With the other activities available at After-Prom, if misused, any number of bumps and bruises could possibly occur. Each activity will be supervised by a community volunteer to help assure that each activity is being done, and used, appropriately, and every reasonable precaution taken to avoid potentially dangerous situations and/or injuries.

Will My Student Be Allowed To Attend After-Prom Without Waivers?

Unfortunately, no. EVERY student in attendance MUST have both the Jeffco Schools', as well as the Foothills Rec waivers complete before they will be allowed entrance. This is not something that any member of the After-Prom Committee has control over, nor are we empowered to make any exceptions.

How Can I Help?

After you complete both of the waivers for your student, come back to our website and check out the "Get Involved" page. There you'll be able to find information on making a donation, volunteering for the After-Prom Event, how to secure Reserved Seating at this year's Graduation Ceremony, as well as information about Senior Collages, proudly displayed in our "Senior Hallway" each year at After-Prom.

What Activities Will After-Prom Have This Year?

This Year's Theme is, "Celebrate Good Times"...named after the Classic Kool & The Gang Song, each area at After-Prom will be dedicated to a different type of Party...A Graduation Party, a Rave, an "UnBirthday Party", a Mardi Gras Party, a Pajama Party...and more. Here's a comprehensive list of available activities for the students to enjoy this year at After-Prom: Swimming - Both the Activity Pool and the Lap Pool at the Ridge will be open (for a limited time) and manned by certified lifeguards. Rock Climbing - The Climbing Wall at the Ridge will be open and manned by trained and certified volunteers. CornHole - One of the Ridge Rec Center's handball courts will be set up with Cornhole Sets

Mechanical Surfboards - Inflateable Rolling Hills Hamster Ball Race - Inflateable Lagoon of Doom Log Rolling - Inflateable Just Dance - 4 Player Video Dance Game Monster Trikes - Racing on the elevated track in the gymnasium
Casino Area - Including Blackjack, Poker, Craps, and Roulette, with Casino-specific prizes to be won DJ - Playing music all evening Photo Booth - With a free copy of all pictures to each person in the picture Photo Vignettes - With a Special Prize for the Individual who Submits the Best Picture

Facepainting - Including Black-Light Paint Balloon Artist Caricature Artist

Henna Artists A "Silent Disco" Lounge & Charging Room The "Senior Hallway" - Where all collected Senior Collages will be displayed

An "UnBirthday Party" Food Area - All types of food will be available to all students (and volunteers). ...and more!!!

When/Where Is This Year's After-Prom?

The 2020 DRHS After-Prom will be held on April 4th from 10:00pm until April 5th at 3:00am. This year's After-Prom Party will again be held at the Ridge Rec Center at 6613 South Ward Street, Littleton, CO 80127.
Doors open to DRHS students and their guests at 10:00pm.
Activities and food will be open from 10:00pm until 2:00am. Swimming will be open from 11:00pm until 1:30am. Prizes will be awarded from ~2:00am until finished...approximately 3:00am.

Who Can I Contact If I Have Questions/Concerns?

If you click HERE, you will be taken to our "Contact Us" Page where you can send us an email with your question(s)/concern(s), and/or your contact information. A member of the After-Prom Committee will respond or reach out to you, typically within 24 hours.

If your question is not answered, or not answered to your satisfaction, you can reach out to the Dakota Ridge Administration at 303-982-1970 during normal school hours.

How Much Does It Cost To Get In To After-Prom?

The Dakota Ridge High School After-Prom Committee has been very blessed to be supported strongly by the extended Dakota Ridge Community. Because of the strength of the commitment of our supporting vendors, the parent and community volunteers, the countless hours invested by our After-Prom Committee members, and the Staff, Administration, and other extremely supportive programs at Dakota Ridge High School, we've been able to keep the Dakota Ridge High School After-Prom FREE for all who are able to attend each year.

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