Here are some pictures from our previous After-Prom Parties...
(Frequently Updated...Check Back Often For More Pictures)

2020 ~ Celebrate Good Times!

2020's Theme will be "Celebrate Good Times!"

"Celebration", the post-disco, upbeat dance song by Kool & the Gang is commonly played at weddings, parties, sporting events and just about anywhere there is something to be celebrated, because the generic lyrics refer to a "party," "good times" and a "celebration."  Each area in our After-Prom will be a different Party!

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2019 ~ Welcome To Colorful Colorado

2019's Theme was "Colorful Colorado"

What a Great State we live in.  Celebrating the Rocky Mountains, the virtually unlimited Outdoor activities, the opportunities for Higher Education, and the legacy of our professional Sports Teams​.

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2018 ~ Star Wars

2018's Theme was Star Wars

While Yoda, a Stormtrooper, and even a Jedi walked the halls of The Ridge, students enjoyed themselves in the pool, on the climbing wall, at the casino, or with any one of the myriads of activities that were available to them.

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2017 ~ Showtime!!!

2017's Theme was "Showtime".  "What's Showtime?", you may ask.  Well, the easiest way to describe it is, any show you can buy a ticket to.  We had an aquarium, a circus, a movie theatre, broadway shows, a rodeo, concerts, nascar...all kinds of decorations.


See The Photo Booth Pics Here!!!

2016 ~
Electric Avenue!

Our theme this year was "Electric Avenue"...and boy did we "Rock On Down To" it.  90+% of the decorations were inspired by lights and lighting...or were actual lights and lighting.  Laser shows, Glow-In-The-Dark clothing, phosphorescent paints, glow bracelets and necklaces and shoelaces, Lighted Glasses and Hats and Hair Clips and Ties and Shoes...we had it all.

2015 ~

When you think of Hollywood, you think of all of the Glitz and Glamour associated with Movies and TV Shows.  That's what we tried to capture for this theme.  A giant HOLLYWOOD sign...a Mann's Chinese Theatre...the addition of games inspired by TV Game Shows to our Casino Area...Even a Life-size recreation of our own "Hollywood Squares".

2014 ~ TOONS

Remember all those crazy 'Toons you grew up with?  Well...this Theme was probably a walk down memory lane for you.  We had everything from The Simpsons to Southpark to the Classic Warner Bros. cartoon characters.  And just for good measure, how 'bout some Movie 'Toons...Cars, Frozen, etc.

2013 ~ Mardi Gras!

Yes, 2013's Theme was Mardi Gras.  We had our own take on Bourbon Street, the Above-Ground Cemetary...and Black, Purple, Green, and Gold were Everywhere!  Not to mention all those beads...oh the beads...if you were there you dreamt about the beads for weeks.

2012 ~
Under The Sea

Well Hello there Mr. Octopus...Oooh, Look!  Sunken Treasure...

You name it, we had it in our Under The Sea Theme...

2011 ~ ?

I dunno...We'll figure it out and get pics up soon...

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