Graduation Seat Information

The DRHS After-Prom is able to run successfully only with the continued support and generosity of the Dakota Ridge Community.

Each year, our largest percentage of budgeted funds comes from our donors.  Only with their generosity are we able to continue to provide a Safe, Fun, and Free event after Prom each year.

The After-Prom Committee is allotted a Reserved Section each year at the Graduation Ceremony and provides our Benchmark Donors with Graduating Seniors a Reserved Section for their families.  The Seats are Reserved with your Family Name on them and cannot be used by anyone else.  No need to show up as soon as the Gates open and jockey for the best seats you can find...yours will already be taken care of.

Sections are not limited to a specific head-count...we do our absolute best to accommodate all members of your family.  We ask simply that Benchmark Donor Reserved Sections are for 1 Family only and you respect the spirit and purpose of these Special Reserved Seats.

How It Works...

Simply make a Benchmark Donation to the Dakota Ridge High School After-Prom...

Click HERE to send an email to have a member of the After-Prom Committee contact you to discuss your donation and available sections....please make certain to state your interest in Reserved Graduation Seats and the number of people in your party.

What Is A Benchmark Donation...

Our VIP Sections are for our VIP Level Donations...
$1,200+ ~ VIP Section #1 (As close to Front & Center as we can offer.)

$1,000+ ~ VIP Sections 1A & 1B (Best Front Row, Off-Center seats we can offer.)

$800+ ~ VIP Sections 2A & 2B (Best 2nd Row, Off-Center seats we can offer.)

All Benchmark Donors at the VIP Level receive:

- The best Seats available for observing your Student during their Once-In-A-Lifetime High School Graduation Ceremony

- Access to Hot & Cold Beverages as well as snacks before, during (as permitted), and after the Ceremony

- A Gift Basket as well as a personal Thank You from the After-Prom Committe for your generous donation

- Padded Seating for the first 10 members of your Party...though you are not limited to 10 members.

- Access to Amenities in case of inclement weather

- Concierge Assistance by a member of the After-Prom Committee before, during (as permitted) and after the help with finding your seats, carrying items and/or assisting with family members who may need it, or taking pictures with your student after the Ceremony...or helping in whatever other way we can.

Other Benchmark Donations...

Gold Level - $600+ ~ Gold Sections 1A & 1B (Front Row, Off to the Side)

Silver Level - $400+ ~ Silver Sections 2A & 2B (2nd Row, Off to the Side)

Bronze Level - $200 ~ Bronze Sections B1-B8 (Rows 3 & 4, Off-Center & Side)

Community Level - $100 ~ Guaranteed Space for your Family In The Reserved Section (Row and Location TBD)


The After-Prom Committee does its absolute best each year to provide as simple and rewarding an experience each year for our donors at the Graduation Ceremony as possible.  In an effort to maximize our donations and accommodate as many families as possible, any/all unused seats in our Reserved Section will be utilized for the families at the nearest Donation Levels on a First-Come-First-Serve basis.  (In other words, if there are seats available at a higher donation level than the Community-Level because there were no donors at that level, families are "upgraded" (given better seats) on a First-Come-First-Served Basis accounting for Logical planning, spacing, and availability.)  Any changes of Venue or space in the Reserved Sections required by the Faculty or Facility are accommodated at a Donation Level first, and then at a First-Come-First-Served Basis.

Available Sections*:

VIP Section #1 - Reserved

VIP Section #1A - Available

VIP Section #1B - Available

VIP Section #2A - Available

VIP Section #2B - Available

Gold Section #1A - Available

Gold Section #1B - Available

Silver Section #2A - Available

Silver Section #2B - Available

Bronze Section #B1 Thru #B8 - 8 Available 0 Reserved

Community Sections - 20 Available - 0 Reserved

This Year's Reserved Section Is Planned for Rows 6 - 16, Immediately Behind the Handicap & Limited Mobility Section (Subject to Change).

*All Efforts Are Made to Post Current Information...CONTACT US to Confirm Current Availability.

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