We depend 100% on the great volunteers throughout our community.  New Members to the After-Prom Committee are always welcome...we meet every Saturday morning from mid-January until the night of the After-Prom Party.  Please Join Us.  Can't help with the Committe, but still interested in helping?...fill out our online form and let us know how you can help...


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Every year at the After-Prom Party the most popular place is the "Senior Hall".

The Senior Hall is completely decorated with items commemorating our soon-to-be graduating Seniors, including “Senior Collages”.

The Senior Collages are a collection of pictures/designs/decorations created by the Senior’s Parents and are returned to the families after the After-Prom Party. It is recommended that the collages are laminated and made to be 12"x18". Make sure your collage gets turned in to the office or dropped off during a "Collage Night" before the date of After-Prom.

Join us for our next “Senior Collage Night”, in the Teacher’s Lounge, where you can get more information, ideas, and see examples of past collages.  Check the Calendar Page for our next Scheduled Session.

After Prom is run for the benefit and safety of the Junior and Senior Students of Dakota Ridge High School (and their guest).  More students attend the After-Prom Party than attend the Prom.  Keeping this event chock-full of excitement while being free for the students takes a hurculean effort from our community.  Check out our Donate Page to find out more about the different ways you can help.





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