Dakota Ridge High School


Our Mission...

To provide a safe, fun, festive and free After Prom Event for the students of Dakota Ridge High School as they celebrate Prom and their approaching Graduation.

Study after study has shown that the #1 reason that teenagers make "poor decisions" to drink, try drugs, or any questionable behaviour.... is simple opportunity and availability.


By providing our students with a fun and festive party on Prom Night that is free to them and emphasizes safety, the impact that has been made on those opportunities for "questionable" behavior is incalculable. Poor decisions that were never made and never happened cannot be tallied.  This is our commitment to the students at Dakota Ridge High School.


Dakota Ridge High School aspires to develop a synergy from four human needs: to live, to love, to learn, and to leave a legacy...


To consciously demonstrate: the physical need "To Live" in an environment that is clean, safe and vibrant, inspiring a healthy attitude in its learners; the social need "To Love" self and others with respect, high expectations, trust and decency, belonging as a responsible member of the community; the mental need "To Learn" by seeking and accepting challenging opportunities expanding abilities and motivating others; and the spiritual need "To Leave a Legacy" by establishing a sense of purpose to our existence through contributions to the lives of others.

The After-Prom Committee takes great care and pride in striving to be in complete harmony with these four human needs. 


Please spread the word...Share our story...and invite your friends to like and explore this website and our Facebook Page so that they're aware of upcoming opportunities to help...

Dakota Ridge High School Eagles

Dakota Ridge High School: 

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Proudly supported by the Dakota Ridge High School After-Prom Committee